Welcome to the Food and Farm Communications Fund, (FFCF). In 2010, the 11th Hour Project conducted a landscape assessment of the Good Food Movement that surveyed over 200 leaders working to create resilient and robust regional food systems. One of the overarching recommendations that came out of that study was that expanding the good food movement's communications capacity must be a funding priority. As indisputable as these findings were, the challenge we all collectively face is how to expand this capacity? It is apparent that funders need to facilitate strategic communications for transformative policy change, but to date it would be hard to argue that this has been occurring in a strategic fashion.

In response to this pressing need, the FFCF established this website as an opportunity to introduce those grantseekers working in the Sustainable Food and Agriculture field to this new funding initiative. Grants from the third round of funding were awarded in January of 2015. We will soon announce dates for a fourth round collaborative effort between The 11th hour Project, The McKnight Foundation, The Christensen Fund, and GRACE Communications Foundation.